Day: March 16, 2011

Int’l Marathons Come to Aid of Japanese

     The after shocks of last week’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan have left a trail of devastation that is hard to comprehend, and not just in the direct path of the physical destruction.  While none of the professional corporate running teams or their athletes was injured, the Nagoya International Women’s Marathon scheduled for last Sunday was cancelled.  Nagoya was to have been the third of three qualifying marathons selecting the Japanese World Championships team for Daegu, Korea this summer.  And with Japan a traditional powerhouse in Women’s World Championships Marathons, federation officials are now searching for alternatives.

“There was no physical damage done in Nagoya,” explained Brendan Reilly, head of Boulder Wave, which represents many Japanese runners internationally.  “But with so much public attention focused on helping those affected, officials in Nagoya decided it was better to lessen the burden on public resources.” (more…)