There is a potential problem brewing in the sport, and who can say what the long-term effects could be?  As was reported in the New York Times this February, in an attempt to generate increased revenues to make up for the city’s budget shortfall, the New York Police Department is looking to charge the New York Road Runners the full cost of shutting down hundreds of city streets along the five boroughs during the annual ING New York City Marathon.  

This additional cost would have a significant impact on the overall staging of the event.  In 2010, the NYRR paid more than $850,000 to city agencies, $107,000 of which went to the police department.  According to Mary Wittenberg, the CEO of the Road Runners, the club is willing to reimburse the police for more of its costs, though how much more has yet to be determined.

Notwithstanding the $200 million in economic impact generated by the event, the potential for real harm to the marathon is apparent.  What to do? Continue reading