I bought a new laptop computer on-line the other day, and the sales person treated me well – even saved me 50% on next-day delivery charge.  Naturally, I became suspicious.

“What’s up with this?” I wondered. “Why is she being so nice?  What am I missing?”

“You’re one of the most cynical people I know,” the wife chimed in when I spoke of the incident later that night.  “You always look at the negative until proven otherwise.”

“I look at the world with a critical eye,” I countered.

“Well, that’s how you couch it,” she volleyed back.  “But if someone sees it the other way you just say they are being naive.  Not everyone can be horrible.”

“Give them a chance,” I parried.  “Besides which, my cynicism has been well-earned.  Remember the last time I bought a laptop on-line?” Continue reading