Day: January 9, 2013


The tree has been recycled, the ornaments put away.  Alabama ended the college football bowl season with an exclamation point while CBS announcer Brent Musburger has re-rolled his tongue into his mouth. And so at long last the holiday season is behind us, and the routines of everyday life have returned.

For some, gift-giving and receiving were the high points of the season past, while for many others it was the family get-togethers.  At the same time there is always an element of going-along-to-get-along about our holidays, an aspect of “well, I’ve got to do this, so let’s get on with it” as we trudge through the malls and sift through the internet offers. Not that the gifts don’t have meaning, it’s just there is an expectation to it all.

It’s the same around birthdays, anniversaries, or any other gift-giving times.  This is something I’m expected to do – we all are.  On reflection, I much prefer my late-father’s approach. (more…)