Day: June 9, 2013


French Open Protest
French Open Protest

It was eerie to watch in light of this new world we find ourselves living in. Several protesters disrupted the French Open tennis final today between eventual champion Rafael Nadal and fellow Spaniard David Ferrer as Nadal led 5-1 in the second set already up one set to love.

Though seemingly of European ancestry, the mask-wearing protester and a compatriot were unknown quantities when the one jumped onto the court with flare in hand.  Though later it was learned they were upset by recent legislation in France allowing for same-sex marriages, it was difficult not to think about the Boston Marathon bombings as anything seems possible in this troubled world.

Rafa Nadal scampered away as security wrestled the man to the ground, and extinguished his flare.  The other protester was ushered from the stands in a headlock.  And so here was another world-focused sporting event being compromised by political stagecraft.  Where once aggrieved men would raise black-gloved fists in protests, today protests have turned to attacks as grievances have accelerated and means to redress them proliferated. (more…)