Day: July 16, 2013


Kaylyn Rodriguez
Kaylyn Rodriguez, The Right Stuff (courtesy Betancourt Photography)

What are we asking of our parents and teachers these days?  Where is the “right thing” to be found in a world of moral relativists and sinners, but seemingly devoid of saints?

In the corrosive wake of the decades-long Catholic Church child-abuse scandal, the recently revealed wide-spread secret NSA spying apparatus, and now the George Zimmerman ‘No Fault’ acquittal in Florida, and (lesser for sure) Tyson Gay-Asafa Powell drug failures in track, where, exactly, does one point to fair play and equal justice and not get a cynical smirk in reply?

Last Thursday the final San Diego all-comers Summer Nights Track & Field Meet of the season was staged at Lincoln High School.  There, a wide-range of athletes in both talent and age ran and jumped in a joyous expression of human exertion.  Amidst the scandals and scars of world politics and pro sports there remains a semblance of purity to these all-comers meets where the likes of Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay most likely got their starts, as well. (more…)