Day: July 29, 2013


It’s become the story of the day, Olympic sprint king Usain Bolt accepting Olympic distance star Mo Farah’s challenge to meet up over 600 meters in a run-off for bragging rights and charity.

Well, big ups to Mo and Usain, because this is exactly what the sport has been needing for quite some time, something new and compelling, something fun and different.  Track & Field (Athletics) has been locked into its sealed laboratory of specific distances and technical events for so long that there are very few “What If” proposition bets like Bolt vs. Farah that ever come up to intrigue an outside audience.

In fact, shouldn’t there be an exhibition race of some sort at every Diamond League meet, something outside the ordinary that pits a world-class This against a world-class That at some agreed upon distance in between?  There ought to be men and women on the track at the same time in some version of a Pursuit Challenge like in cycling, something, anything. (more…)