In a response to my latest post, PRO RUNNER DAVID TORRENCE – “Don’t Blame Elite Athletes for State of the Sport”, journalist Parker Morse wrote, “Kudos to Mr. Torrence, not just for his effort, but for the wide variety of efforts he’s involved in. The real key to all this is not a dogged hunt for who is to blame, but a broad search for new solutions and new ways forward.  Being willing to try anything and everything is a big part of that. Toni, I’ve seen you throw out a few ideas here and there as well.”
Parker Morse, M34, at Moscow WC Media Race

Parker Morse, M34, at 2013 Moscow WC Media Race with UK’s Jon Mulkeen (M35)

“A broad search for new solutions and new ways forward” is absolutely the answer, Parker.  But considering the number of years that the sport has been dealing with this issue, the solution remains elusive, especially without a U.S. superstar at the forefront.  Imagine if Usain Bolt was from Louisville? That’s what any new solution has to overcome.

And yet, USATF always touts Team USA as the “greatest track & field team in the world”.  And it is.  But then USATF never constructs any Ryder Cup or President’s Cup-like competitions against other T&F teams to prove the point on the field of play.  That only happens unofficially with the Olympic medal count once every four years. Continue reading