America, The Brand – Or, Where is the West if Lewis & Clark Are No Longer Searching?

Donald v HillarySo here it comes, Ali-Frazier `71, Bird-Magic `84.  Really, once his golden escalator eased The Donald and his wife Melania down into the lobby of Trump Tower last June to announce his candidacy, how else would the fates have had it?

Yesterday, with the Indiana primary having delivered the final knock out to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, thumping the snake-handler’s son 53% – 36% with Ohio Governor John Kasich taking a non-competitive 8%, we awoke this morning with Donald J. Trump as the presumptive Republic party nominee for president in 2016.  Wrap your head around that hair ball!

First Cruz, then Kasich, suspended their campaigns in the aftermath, making it look almost certainly like a Donald v. Hillary match up in the general election this fall (Psst, don’t tell Bernie, who beat Hill The Pill again in Indiana).  From a promotional standpoint, though, it couldn’t get any better than this.  Scalpers could work this election cycle. We are already leaning forward, anticipating the WWE/Real Housewives brawl it promises to be, but also wondering what lasting image will have been left when others peer back in 20, 30 or 40 years. Continue reading