People love to run with their dogs. And why not?  Cats just look at you like you’re out of your mind. But dogs are like having a live-in training partner who is always amenable to your schedule.  On top of which the freedom of running brings us even closer to that most loyal of friends.  

But just like it takes some time for us to into good enough shape to enjoy the effort, Fido needs time, too, to develop an affection for distance running as we do it. Man Running With DogThat’s just it, dogs don’t decide to run like we do.  We have an agenda, whether it’s training to race or getting back into shape.  But dogs are only out there to be with us, because they’re not just our best friends, we’re their bestees, too.  Just being with us is awesome!  And we can never get enough of that!

But when we first get out the door and begin to warm up at an easy jog, most breeds instantly look around thinking, “Well, what are we chasing?”, “Where is it?”, and “Why are we going so damn slow?”

Then when we just keep moving at a single gear on a direct line, Spot can get thrown even more.   

“Dude, you’re blowing right by all these great smells. What are you, nuts?”

That’s how dogs run. Pace?  What pace?  Frolic! Continue reading