Day: September 16, 2016


It’s never going to end, is it?  No matter who gets elected it’s gone too far, become too personal, the sides have been split too far apart. So when it’s over where is that going to leave us? Not in a good place.

Comity, collegiality, all the old ties that bind have been put to the torch in this rabbled season of Never Him/Never Her.

Listen, why can’t we just admit we let this one get away from us?  There’d be no shame in that. We got caught up in the funhouse nature of the race and the debates, and before we really realized what we were doing we ended up nominating Clueless and Feckless (you code who’s who).

At least we’d be being honest with ourselves. What percentage of the population you think wouldn’t want to start over if they had a shot? (more…)