Day: February 7, 2012

‘BRING BACK THE MILE’ Expands Website

     After a successful splash  launch, has expanded its website with a State Federation Petition requesting that the Mile be brought back to the State Championship  level around the nation.  The expanded website also allows for anyone to share  photographs, videos or their written stories through the I Am the Mile sub-campaign. The website also features an ever expanding database of Mile news, history, trivia and athlete bios.

The initial launch on January 19 not only created “buzz” on the web and  beyond, but generated almost 14,000 YouTube views of the Bring Back the Mile trailer and extended video as well as 1,000-plus Facebook fans  and a Sports Illustrated “Faces in the Crowd” feature.

“We are heartened by the response that we have received since our launch,” said Ryan Lamppa, Bring Back the Mile Founder. “People have a love and a passion for the  Mile, and our website will be the Mile home on-line. Our front page feature is the high school state federation  petition drive to replace the 1600-meters with the Mile at State  Championships.

“In addition, a special thank you to the Bring Back the Mile Support Team including Olympians and Milers Jim Ryun, Marty Liquori, Carrie  Tollefson and Leo Manzano and our Partners who have offered their  support and feedback to get this national campaign launched,” Lamppa  added.

The Mile holds a special place in track & field and beyond because no  running distance, or field event for that matter, has the history, the  appeal, the “magic” of the Mile. The first sub-4 minute mile by Great  Britain’s Roger Bannister in 1954 is regarded as the greatest individual athletic achievement of  the 20th century, and no other event has produced an equivalent of the  sub-4 minute Mile standard in the sport, in the media and in the  public’s mind.

Unfortunately, the Mile has lost some of its luster over the past decade, and the Bring Back the Mile mission is: To return the Mile to prominence on the American sports and cultural  landscape by elevating and celebrating the Mile to create a national  movement.

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The Bring Back the Mile Support Team