Night moves, day moves, afternoon moves, this boy’s got all the stamina the contenders in the Chicago Marathon hope they’ll have Sunday morning in Lincoln Park. And our boy doesn’t need any pacers to get him up to speed, either. He’s always ready for action. 

You just can’t keep up with the big guy.  The second you try to wrap your head around one imbecilic, misogynistic, xenophobic comment, he just drops in another double-nut frat boy surge of douchebaggery to trump it.

Got an itch, got an urge. This boy has all the self-control of a 14 year-old with a Juggs magazine and a wad of tissues.  Yet somehow to a frightening percentage of the electorate this is the guy, the one to wrest the red, white, and blue away from the media/Elite/Washington insiders who would put us in this spot of bother. It’s a paradoxical confabulation, for sure.

His advisors, such as they are, do everything they can to control the big Bozo, but none of them seem able to rein in the candidate’s Fat Bastard tendencies, nor slow down his blazing a trail to the presidency through Ape Shit Town.

And because he has all the impulse control of a feces slinger, he blathers on thinking he’s making big sense rather than spewing utter nonsense. And yet he gets a pass on substance for dint of his blazing  poop-throwing style.

Needless to say, the more genteel among the electorate stand mutely horrified, and see this as a character right off the Animal Channel, delusional enough to believe, and with a band of merry (white) men who are willing to risk, that he is the sine qua non of potential presidential excellence, a real game changer like St. Reagan, though without the Gipper’s charm, reading skills, or wings.

Increasingly, though, the world is seeing less and less entertainment value in this Back to the Future Biff candidacy, and seeing more and more danger in the Baby Huey nation that nominated and may actually elect him.

Imagine that nut job with real power!

Somehow he keeps forgetting, it’s “walk softly and carry a big stick”‘ not “blather loudly and act like a big dick.”

Thing is, he has the eminently beatable Traveling Pantsuit on the other side of ballot pushing her own smart-cart of personal baggage, such as setting up her own email server while working for Uncle Sam, and acting smugly self-congratulatory after winning the first debate by just not being him, hardly worthy of a curtain call.

But though he has yet to offer any non-batshit evidence of his suitability for the office, this is the year of the batshit crazies. Yep, the government is behind Hurricane Matthew, don’t you know.

This is all comes back on the 1% who thought they could run the country like an antebellum plantation with their field overseers in Congress writing rules that supported their financial interests at the expense of the lowly field hands without thinking there would ever be consequences.

If you don’t give them something to do, or a path to follow, they will find something on their own, and somebody else to follow.

And now this flash mob has legs, and they can smell the barn. First, they chose their champion over 16 other Republican rivals, many of whom who were well qualified. Now they are verging on doing the same in the general election against an old warhorse with Potomac Horse Fever.

There is a we-don’t-care attitude in play in this election. It’s been coming for a long time. It is a little bit like all those decades when the Soviet commissars kept telling the Russian people, “don’t worry, comrades, communism is much better than free market capitalism. Here, have another turnip.”

Finally, when they couldn’t control the information seeping in to the people any longer, the Soviet Union simply folded.

Change?  Us?  Absolutely. But after the release of this latest party hearty bus jam with Billy Bush from Access Hollywood in 2005, you just wonder how how much more poop can the RNC let this guy sling before there’s just not enough Febreeze left over to spray around all the polling stations to cover the smell on November 8th?


5 thoughts on “IT’S ONE WAY TO BE A UNIFIER

  1. The GOP defined the contest as a race to the bottom, and the amateurs they put up were toyed with and destroyed by a professional. Without a credible loyal opposition, the Dems decided against principles (the definition of irony: a bitter old white guy!) and instead went with the traditional (more irony, a brilliant, lifelong dedicated public service white woman!). Poor Hillary just can’t get the timing right. But the blather from the right noised out her actual sins: for example, become head of the State Dept, realize that their email system is not secure, then rather than wield her new power and secure it (I’m guessing she’s not the only one in the State Dept who needs secure email), she set up her own “system”…which was then of course hacked. This, knowing she would be subject to continuous screwtany [sic] – the definition of arrogance, learned from Gary Hart perhaps?

    In spite of the support of the GOP “leader” by the head of the communist party, Putin (gawd, will this post survive the irony meter?), Hillary will win, but it will be a reprieve rather than a victory. Well that, and the presumption that the Supreme Court will get a new decent member (or two). Anyone taking odds either party will use the time to try to return to legitamacy? Or is irony, stupidity, and psychosis the new normal?

    1. Rico?

      It’s that last thing you said. Money as speech is at the root of it. More money = more speech. It’s not what the founders had in mind. This election won’t settle things, no matter which party takes office. The toxicity will only grow. A new generation of leaders needs to emerge. We Baby Boomers have had our turn. Time to bow out.

      Not our fault, really. These are the long arcs of history at play. Much of our society is still living in the wake of the civil war, while the world as a whole is still reorienting and finding equilibrium in the wake of the two world wars from the 20th century. Generations come and go in reaction to the ones which came just before. It’s the larger forces of history that generate change. All we can hope is that the change comes gradually rather than in a sloughing off type hill slide.

      Good comment. Thanks for chiming in.


  2. You’re spot on, Toni.

    While I don’t have any of the answers, it’s great to see you telling it like it is.

    Thank you.

    1. I know the RNC is helpless at this point. But they have to be apoplectic. This is the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan. Just imagine sullying that legacy by adding this guy’s name to the list. Better to suffer a single term from what’s her name and retool with the best the party has to offer in 2020. There’s no winning with this hand. Play the long game with confidence rather than keep pretending this guy is worthy.

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