Rotterdam Marathon on Universal Sports

     The 31st Rotterdam Marathon goes off at 5 a.m. eastern, 2 a.m. pacific time.  You can watch the race live on Or, you can watch two-hour taped coverage on Universal Sports TV at noon eastern with American 50K record holder Josh Cox and me on the race call.

     With six pacers and what’s being called the “Magnificent Seven” contenders in hot pursuit, the stage is set for a full out attempt on Haile Gebrselassie’s marathon world record set in Berlin 2008.  2:03:59 averages out to 4:43.72 per mile, or 2:56.3 per kilometer pace.   Here are the splits to look for on an even-pace schedule:

KILOMETERS                                            MILES                

 5K –  14:41                                             5 miles – 23:38

10K –  29:23                                        10 miles – 47:17

15K –  44:04                                        15 miles – 1:10:58

20K –  58:46                                        20 miles – 1:34:34

1/2   – 1:02:00                                    25 miles – 1:58:13

25K – 1:13:27

30K – 1:28:09

35K – 1:42:50

40K – 1:57:32 

Late word from Rotterdam is that the pacers will now shoot for 62-flat at half-way and 1:28:20 for 30K.  Weather is good, but there is some hand-wringing about the sun in the final half-hour.  Anything less than perfect conditions throughout is enough to disrupt such a challenging task.   However, there are seven very strong contenders ready to win. Tune in to see how it plays out.


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