I sit overlooking a serene Murphy Canyon in San Diego, now in repose beneath a warm buttery sun, wishing well all those bracing for the glowering presence of  Hurricane Sandy, a too tender name for a storm so harsh and heartless.  Last year at this time I was winging my way east to New York City as the entire northeast was coming off what was then considered a rare late October nor’easter that dumped as much as 31 inches of snow on parts of New England, though just two inches in New York’s Central Park.  Yet 1000 trees were felled in the park during the storm, causing city workers to struggle mightily throughout marathon week to clear the undressing the Halloween nor’easter had caused.  Imagine their week ahead this year.   

One thought on “DESK & DECK

  1. Toni,

    Your desk and deck look very tranquil and peaceful this morning. I was at my vacation home in Falmouth over the weekend so I could run the Cape Cod Half Marathon, and we had similarly beautiful weather on Saturday. Yesterday’s full marathoners had cloudy skies and wind. Today, I am at my NY residence (about 60 miles north of NYC), and things are looking pretty ugly with Sandy bearing down on the east coast. Thanks for thinking of us.

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