Mayor McCheeseWith the political primary season coming down to the wire in Ohio and Florida on March 15th, and the Republican establishment going bat-sh*t crazy (as Lindsey Graham describes it) you wonder why someone like Mayor McCheese never gets mentioned as a potential party savior. Hell, he led McDonaldland for about five years, meaning he had more experience in government than Trump, Cruz and Rubio combined.

McCheese posterPlus, he was a law-and-order guy, keeping tabs on the Hamburglar and the French Fry Goblins while keeping McDonaldland safe. He could put Ronald McDonald or Officer Big Mac on the ticket, and take on any of any two of the Republicans knowing he’d have an entire generation of contented (though probably morbidly obese) Happy Mealers ready to pull that voting lever for him.

I’m saying if it’s Mitt Romney or nothing as the potential lifeline candidate in a contested Republican convention in Cleveland this July, the GOP could do a lot worse than mounting a draft McCheese movement before things really get ugly.


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