3 thoughts on “TO FEAR AND PROJECT

  1. One step forward, two steps back. Bummer that de-evolution seems to reign these days. With 5 adopted children of all different races, I will be encouraging mixed marriages so that one day soon we’re all a beautiful chocolate brown.

  2. While I also have many friends and clients in blue who are pure gold, I know exactly of what you speak. I’ve seen it myself. All too often these days, it is the bad guys who are wearing the badges and carrying the guns.

  3. Toni: It’s sad and tragic and pathetic and disgusting and shameful that this is going on in our country. I wish I knew what the solution is; sadly I don’t know if there is one: racism is as rampant in the US as at anytime in our history. “Post-racial”…hah! What a pipe dream that was.

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