Wild times on Mont Ventoux
Wild times on Mont Ventoux

“There’s no way to control a crowd like that if they don’t want to be controlled,” said former Boston Marathon race director Will Cloney after huge throngs on Heartbreak Hill forced runners into a single file as they climbed the iconic rise. The narrowed channel made for great excitement, great theater, but also dangerous racing conditions as it was all but impossible to pass anyone in the bedlam.

Accordingly, the Boston Athletic Association soon installed rope lines and finally snow fencing and barriers all along Heartbreak Hill and other crowded sections of the course to keep the crowds at bay in the name of race safety. 


  1. Hi Toni,
    The organizers were talking about the winds for a day or two, you think they just didn’t have the manpower of foresight to get some barriers in place? What a mess!

    1. Hodgey,

      These crowds are at the TDF every year. This is the first time they were so thick that they blocked the motorbikes and therefore the cyclists. It was the officials who shortened the course due to the High winds that created the ripple effect jamming all the people into a Shorter space where there are no barriers. What are you gonna do?

  2. Toni I had the same thoughts when I saw this a few days ago. I could not believe they fined Froome. DeCastella pushed a spectator out of his way at the 1986 Boston Marathon.

    Froome fined for lashing out at spectator in Tour de France ……/froome-fined-for-lashing-out-at-spectator-in-tour-de-france...
    5 days ago – Chris Froome (Team Sky) punched the air in celebration as he crossed the line in Luchon, winning stage 8 of the Tour de France and taking …

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