One thought on “GOING SOFT

  1. Tony,

    This is a very good article, which has a lot of truth in it. My best NYC marathon time was 3:04 in 1983. Although, I did run a 2:57 in the Penn Relays Marathon 6 months later. My place was 1908. If I ran that 3:04 time in NYC now, I would place in the top 400 or so, with about 35,000 more participants!

    I refuse to get soft! At 70, I will have the most cycling miles of my cycling career, about 7,000 miles. I took up recreational hard core road cycling in 2000, when I developed arthritis of the hip, necessitating total hip replacement surgery in 2007. Also, I had a heart attack in 2002 and 4 subsequent stents inserted in my coronary arteries.

    I am perfectly fine and climb mountains on my road bike and also swim a couple of miles per week. If you have the passion and desire to continue to be the best athlete you can be, there is no stopping you. My email address is: Get It? Keep up the great and insightful writing. No one captures the true essence of what we endurance athletes live for better than you!

    Eden J. Weiss New York Cycle Club, VP of Programs Very proud 2:57 Marathoner

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