Each Patriots Day tens of thousands of runners descend on the bucolic bedroom community of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, historic starting point of the Boston Marathon. But once the racers have been sent on their way, only four quiet stationary representatives remain behind.

These are the four statues that have already been erected over the years to commemorate special contributions to the world’s oldest continuously run marathon. Now a fifth member to the memorial family is being welcomed, and notably it will be the first woman.

I recently received a message from Hopkinton resident Tim Kilduff who was once the interim race director of Boston during the turbulent early-1980s when the event was changing from its amateur past to its open present. Tim is also executive director of Hopkinton’s 26.2 Foundation and a long time member of our WBZ-TV4 television crew helping call the race from the men’s lead vehicle each April.

“Through the efforts of the 26.2 Foundation and with the support of the running community, we are on a mission to create a bronze sculpture of Bobbi Gibb the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon course,” Tim wrote.

“The statue will be placed on the corner of Hayden Rowe and Main Street near the starting line of the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton. It will be unveiled this coming April.

Cool thing is that Bobbi Gibb, an artist, is creating this piece. We need a lot of support for this and hope you will push out the link below and help us get the word to those who might be interested in supporting the creation of a sculpture that will not only memorialize Bobbi’s historic run but will inspire others to follow their dreams.

Thank you for considering the request.


No worries, Tim. Commemorating Bobbi’s historic run is a most worthy cause.  Here is the crowdrise link.

Below are the pics Tim forwarded of Bobbi working on the project. I hope everyone who can will contribute as they see fit.

Bobbi Gibb Marathon Sculpture Project – Bobbi Gibb at work on the head portion of the full size statue in her Rockport, Mass. studio.
Close up of hands
Commemorating her 1966 run
Bobbi Gibb In 1966.



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