It’s been years in the writing, but finally it’s ready for publication. This is the story of how my parents met and married during World War II when there was little to no certainty in their world. But in that time of danger and crisis, they found one another, and in that bond they managed to carve out a life of 64 years.

On Valentine’s Day 1945, two soldiers met in a small cafe in Lublin, Poland. She was a Polish Countess, fighting for her nation’s doomed freedom. He was an escaped American P.O.W., searching for a U.S. mission. Neither spoke the other’s language. Yet 11 days later they married, beginning a life of 64 years together. THE COUNTESS & THE P.O.W. is a son’s retelling of his parents’ momentous meeting, a story that illuminates the indomitable Polish character and boundless American spirit.

11 thoughts on “BOOK LAUNCH

  1. Hi there, I was a Barat Hall Student and your mother tutored me and my twin brother in French one summer in 1966. The sessions were at her home on Flora Pl. on her side porch. I heard your interview on KTRS. My family owns a flower shop and when I pass Flora Place on deliveries I always look for your mom’s house. Looking forward to reading your book.

    1. Greg,

      Thanks for reaching out. I must have been around somewhere that summer of 1966, as I had just graduated from SLUH. I hope you enjoy the book. Mom was a remarkable woman, and Pop was a devoted partner. I hope their war story of perseverance and overcoming great odds brings back memories of your time with her. All the best in 2023.


  2. Congratulations on this family story Toni! And,Congratulations on your winning the George Hirsch journalism award at the NYC Marathon!
    best wishes,

    1. Thanks, Bill fun weekend for Toya and me. But you were instrumental in getting me up on to that stage. You’re racing gave us something meaningful to cover. Im glad to have lasted so long.


  3. I am beyond excited to read your Book Toni !!! This is totally the books that I read all the time. I can’t wait to buy it and read it. We met briefly at the Beach to Beacon at Linda And Bill Nickerson’s . I am married to Linda’s brother Mike. We are both so happy for you and await your book.

  4. Toni, I can recall the early thoughts on Newbury Street on the open air restaurants listening to you consider whether or not you would write it and publish it. Yes: FINALLY! Will you or won’t you; should you or shouldn’t you. Certainly glad that you did, and the story that you shared in New York is a fresh reminder of the importance of such a work. Congratulations on its publication and memorializing the story of your mother and father and your family. JF

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