Honolulu, HI – Today, 8 December 2022, marks Toya and my 20th wedding anniversary, a day for celebration and remembrance.

Memorably married barefoot on the beach at sunset at the Outrigger Canoe Club in Honolulu following the 30th Honolulu Marathon and preceding the post- race VIP party, the ceremony was officiated by a local catamaran boat captain named Krash.

At first, his name and title frightened us a little. But not only did he have the authority to conduct the nuptials, after I read his proposed ceremony, even as a persnickety writer, I found no need to edit his moving words.

Toya’s mom, Ever Morris, was on hand. My brother, Marek, was my best man. Olivia Barahal, daughter of longtime friend and HMA President Jim Barahal served as our flower girl (seen at far right in the above picture).

Many of our friends in the running community were on hand, as well, including Fatuma Roba, the 1996 Olympic Marathon champion and a three-time Boston Marathon winner. She and colleagues brought a green 2-liter jug of Araki, Ethiopian moonshine, all the way from Addis Ababa for the celebration.

Our dear departed friend, Mike Long, handed a glass of the stuff to famed American writer, Hunter S. Thompson, who was at the club for the marathon VIP party and ended up at our reception. Best known for his drug and alcohol infused prose, to think anyone could offer him an alcohol he had never had before was hard to imagine. But in this case, ‘twas true enough.

Thompson, like everyone else who tried the homemade brew, screwed his face into a prune upon tasting what I referred to as ‘jet fuel filtered through three day old running socks’. Vile tasting stuff! To this day, we have no idea how Fatuma got the Araki through U.S. customs. We are just glad she somehow managed it.

Anyway, a memorable moment from a memorable day in our lives, and the beginning of a sweet journey of 20 years.

With two decades of evidence behind us, it’s clear we both made a great choice. And the swiftness of the passing years testifies to that truth. Joys, happiness, shared losses and values, trust, and an abiding friendship have marked our years together. May many more follow in like manner. Offered with all my love and devotion.

20 years later and still celebrating


14 thoughts on “20 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

  1. Toni: Today is my mom‘s birthday. She would have been 92 but passed from Covid. I remember her fondly on this day. Nice to have your lovely memories recounted on the same date.

    Enjoy the marathon. I was there in 1984 – great event. Best wishes to you and Toya for many more years of happiness. Thanks for your column(s).

  2. Beautiful Toni, just beautiful. 

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  3. Congrats to you and Toya, Toni. I tried to reply on your site but couldn’t log in?

    Anyway, bummed I wasn’t at that 1992 edition of the Honolulu Marathon, having started going there in ’76 and retuned many times – though shifted to January visits to watch/play golf after retiring from running marathons:-)

    Assuming your there for the marathon this weekend – have a great time – Aloha to our mutual friends – and safe travels.

    Aloha – Jack jfultz@comcast.net 617 835 3087 (C) __o _’\ <, ..(•) / (•)


    1. Thanks, Jack. Yes, here for the 50th running. Doing commentary for Hawaii News Network. Just getting back after two years off due to Covid, the marathon here, like many places, isn’t back to full form, yet. But a celebration will ensue, just the same. All the best to you guys as well. T & T

  4. Congrats Toni! This story brought such a smile to my face. I miss living in Alohaland. It’s such a magical place to make memories like the ones you shared here.


      1. Congratulations to both of you. May you have many more years of happiness. John and I celebrate 45 years in April.
        Would love to get your book. I remember you telling me when you were writing it when I had been in St. Louis. Things are going great for me found my biological Dad 2 years ago and have 3 brothers, my mom died in 2013. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. It’s been amazing. I have been out to AZ, Santa Fe, New Mexico, NC and my dad just came out to meet the rest of the family.
        Wishing you both a wonderful holiday.

      2. Vicki,
        That is fabulous news about your your dad and siblings. How wonderful to learn, no matter when. Send me your address and I’ll send you a book. I have your dad‘s picture in there, as you might expect. All the best to John and Jennifer. Toni and Toya.

      3. Address is
        Victoria Gibbons
        1058 Highlands Drive
        Charlottesville, VA 22901
        We would love to see you if your ever in the

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