2011 L.A. Gender Challenge

     2011 L.A. Marathon lineup is listed below.  Next week we finalize this year’s Gender Challenge Differential. Now in its 7th year, the Gender Challenge was instituted to create some kind of interest in the pro races given that there’s no home team to root for.  The thinking being, women would root for women, men for men, regardless of who they are or where they came from.  TV ratings over the years have bolstered that thinking

Last year Kenya’s Edna Kiplagat won the women’s race on the new Stadium to Sea course in 2:25:38.  Fellow Kenyan Wesley Korir took his second straight men’s title in 2:09:19.  The difference in those two times is 16:19.  Last year’s differential was 18:47, meaning Edna won the $100,000 Challenge bonus by a wide margin.

Yet at halfway last year the women were only up :22. By mile 17 the men had carved the advantage down to just :08, and it looked like we might get a strirring stretch run down San Vicente heading to the Santa Monica finish.

Then a 5:06 18th mile killed the men’s chances.  The women ran 5:24 that mile as they ramped up while the men continued to lose time from then on. Edna’s breakaway 23rd mile was a 5:23 while the men took 5:17 when they hit that mile. Considering that they needed to average :43 per mile to make up the differential on an even-split basis, that cost them :40.  Game, set, and match.

Question is:  with the depth of the men’s field and lack thereof on the women’s side – Mara Dibaba has a two minute PR advantage on the other women – how to best set the differential to accomplish the close gender race at the end?  Do we go with a straight 16:19 separation from last year’s race, knowing the men might whip by somewhere around 20 miles? Or, do you try to stretch it out?   We’d love to hear your suggestions and comments.

Bib #  Last  First  M/F  City  ST  CTZ  DoB  Age  PB     
1 Korir Wesley M Louisville KY KEN 15-Nov-82 28 2:08:24    
2 Maiyo Benjamin M Iten   KEN 10-Jun-78 32 2:07:09    
3 Ivuti Patrick M Machakos   KEN 30-Jul-78 32 2:07:46    
4 Jufar Tariku M Addis Ababa   ETH 18-Jul-84 26 2:08:10    
5 Kiogora Stephen M Iten   KEN 29-Nov-76 34 2:08:24    
6 Kamakya Nicholas M Ngong Hills   KEN 2-Mar-85 26 2:08:42    
7 Songoka Yusuf M Baringo   KEN 5-Feb-79 32 2:08:52    
8 Rutto Ronald M Iten   KEN 8-Oct-87 23 2:09:17    
9 Kandie Raymond M Eldoret   KEN 9-Jul-86 24 2:09:23    
10 Moiben Laban M Eldamarawine   KEN 30-Oct-83 27 2:09:44    
11 Njagi David M Embu   KEN     2:09:45    
12 Degefa Abebe M Addis Ababa   ETH 20-May-84 26 2:09:52    
13 Wangai Simon M Othaya   KEN 11-Dec-78 32 2:10:07    
14 Chebor William M Baringo   KEN 22-Dec-82 28 2:10:13    
15 Adilo Kasime M Addis Ababa   ETH 25-Jan-79 32 2:10:20    
16 Birbo Getu M Addis Ababa   ETH 31-May-84 26 2:10:51    
17 Wangeci Antony M Nyahururu   KEN 1-Jan-83 28 2:11:47    
18 Cheruiyot Jonathan M Iten   KEN 23-Mar-83 27 2:13:04    
19 Mutinda Joseph M Iten   KEN 10-Sep-74 36 2:13:19    
20 Terrer Philemon M Iten   KEN 1-Jan-85 26 2:13:30    
21 Nuci Miguel M Turlock CA USA 11-Nov-79 31 2:15:34    
22 Bechtol Keith M Palo Alto CA USA 23-Jan-85 26 2:23:28    
23 Geneti Marcos M Addis Ababa   ETH 30-May-84 26 Debut    
24 Biwott Shadrack M Eugene OR KEN 19-Feb-85 26 Debut    
25 Chavez Chris M Menlo Park CA USA 9-May-86 24 Debut  


Bib #  Last  First  M/F  City  ST  CTZ     Age  PB     
F1 Dibaba Mare F AddisAbaba   ETH   21 2:25:27    
F2 Deba Buzunesh F Bronx NY ETH   23 2:27:24    
F3 Stetsenko Katheryna F Kiev   UKR   29 2:27:51    
F4 Chemjor Magdaline F Iten   KEN   32 2:28:16    
F5 Ponomarenko Svetlana F Orenburg   RUS   41 2:29:55    
F6 Arkhipova Iuliia F Bishkek   KGZ   27 2:32:09    
F7 Akor Mary F Hawthorne CA USA   34 2:33:49    
F8 Nukuri Diana F Iowa City IA BDI   26 2:39:09    
F9 Kiprono Leah F Iten   KEN   30 2:43:15    
F10 Hastings Amy F MammothLakes CA USA   27 Debut    

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