Runnerspace USA 15k Championships Coverage

I love the Runnerspace guys, and appreciate the live web coverage of the USATF Running Circuit, but it’s all but impossible to watch the USA 15km Championships in Jacksonville.  I need a dramamine pill.  It’s like watching a road race during an earthquake.

After three decades as an open, professional sport, we still can’t get even our national championships covered properly?  I don’t blame Runnerspace.  Once USATF attaches its imprimatur it’s their responsibility to invest in the proper motorcycles, drivers, and steadi-cam operators to showcase the sport of running at the championship level. 

You cannot put a hand-held camera in the back of a press truck 50 yards up the road, and say, come watch.  The men’s pack is a big, black ball, the camera is so far away.

No wonder our sport isn’t taken seriously from the outside.  We don’t take it seriously ourselves.  


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