Arizona Promoter Joins $1 per Entry Pledge

     Steve Taggart of Tagg Running Events in Tucson, Arizona has become the third race director to pledge $1.00 per entry to help fund U.S. distance running training camps. He joins Steve Nearman and Dave Watt from the Washington D.C. area who made their intial pledges earlier this month.

     “Greg McMillan (Team USA Arizona) posted the story link (WOODROW WILSON BRIDGE HALF…) ,” explained Taggart. “I read it, and got goose bumps.  I immediately wanted to do it.  I told my wife about it, and she thought it was good idea, too.  I just think it’s a great thing that people can do.”

     Taggart has been putting on what he calls “boutique” races in Arizona for six years since moving from San Diego.  His 10 annual events range in size from 150 to 400 participants, but attract some good local runners with modest prize purses. 

     “We are like a little specialty shop, but we always want fast guys. So we  will take the challenge and give a $1.00 from every entry in our own races beginning with the 4th Annual Al Lindstrom Colossal Cave 5k Road Race on June 11th.  And we challenge all other race directors in Southern Arizona to do the same. Who’s next???”

      The one difference in Taggart’s plegde compared to the Nearman and Watt pledges is that he will take $1.00 from the existing entry fees and offer it to help fund U.S. distance running training camps.  Nearman and Watt are specifically adding $1.00 to their current entry fees, and promoting that increase to their entrants as a way for the average road runner in America to contribute to and connect with the success of America’s top distance runners.

     “I’m not going to ask for any extra entry fee,” confirmed Taggart.  “But we are going to add a question to our entry form online and on our flyers, too – “Do you want to donate a dollar to U.S. distance running?”

     “I do ten events of my own,” said Taggart.  “And that’s what I pledge a dollar for.  I can only do what I can do, and though this won’t change anyone’s life, it’s something.  A lot of distance runners are living below the poverty line, and I believe in running.  I remember Greg McMillan from San Diego when he ran with Adidas for Movin Shoes.  Now he’s in Flagstaff (coaching Team USA Arizona) doing great things.  So I can do a dollar per entry to help.

Steve Taggart
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7 thoughts on “Arizona Promoter Joins $1 per Entry Pledge

  1. We had 172 sign up for the Al Lindstrom Colossal Cave 5k on June 11th and 13 people joined me in the $1 pledge that’s $185 going to be sent to Team USA Arizona. I know it’s not much but I will do what I said I would do. Let’s see how much we can give from our
    4th of July 5k Freedom Run.

  2. Dear Tony,

    I’m writing because I stumbled across your blog here while looking for other running info online.. And it appears you’ve started this blog about the same time I started a newsy Web site about running……

    I wonder if I can help spread the word about the $1 per entry commitment to support emerging distance runners in the U.S.?

    I yoostabee a local market TV anchor/reporter who championed running pretty much every day on the air. ( Now, I’m a full-time at-home dad and part time website writer and runner.

    I still promote running, I just do it via my little Web site. But I wonder if there’s some kind of strategy we could come up with to get local market newspapers and TV stations to pick up on the story, then eventually the bigger markets and the running pubs. If local race directors are going to be the force that starts the $1 effort and it percolates “up,” perhaps the media strategy needs to work the same way?

    I dunno. Either way, take a peek at my new site. It’s still in development, but I think I’m off to a good start. I’d like to help if I can.

    If nothing else I would like to chat w/ you for a story on the $1 effort for TheRunnersVibe. I’ll leave it up to you if you’re interested. My mobile is 617.515.5822 Or you can email me at

    Unrelated, 2011 will be the 1st year in 14 that I won’t see you in San Diego for Rock ‘n’ Roll.. I’m not going this year… Kinda bummed about the decision after doing all 13 so far, but after they added the half in the fashion they did, I feel like it’s just gotten too focused on getting big, not necessarily better for the runners. But that’s another story…

    I hope we connect.

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