It’s summer in this classic college town, and though the USATF Nationals have filled the local hotels, it is still off-season as For Rent signs hang from most apartments near campus, and traffic speeds along unimpeded.

Last evening after the day’s travails were over around Hayward Field, and Molly Huddle and Bernard Lagat had been crowned national 5000 meter champions,  I saw a young couple walking up ahead, the boy with his arm around his girl’s shoulder as they ambled along the leafy foot path.

“Isn’t that sweet?” I said to my two co-workers, Mike and Alex as we carried our camera equipment back toward our motel.


“Young love up there.”

“Well, that’ll change when they get married,” declared one whose name shall remain anonymous to ensure future happiness and contentment.

My reverie passed, for he had made me think.

“Yeah, probably right.  You put your arm round the wife, and you’re as likely to hear, “what are you doing?”

“Being affectionate?”

“Stop acting weird.  You’re throwing me off balance.”

So enjoy it while it’s in bloom, kids.  The days of reckoning await.

Love you, dear.


Oh, don’t miss Nike Track Nationals tonight on-line at around 6:25 p.m.  Best high school boys and girls track teams in the nation vying for a national championship.



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