Defending champ Nick Rose (r) battles Craig Virgin at 1975 NCAA XC at Penn State (Virgin wins, Rose 2nd)
Defending champ Nick Rose of Western Kentucky battles Illinois’ Craig Virgin at 1975 NCAA XC at Penn State (Virgin won, Rose 2nd, Wash. State’s John Ngeno takes 3rd)

Trying out a new sound feature here on the blog.  From my old Runner’s Digest radio show days in Boston I have untold hours of interviews and race calls from the first Running Boom era.  The show ran weekly from 1977 to 1988.

In this selection 1974 NCAA Cross Country champion Nick Rose of England discusses the use of fartlek training in a 1981 interview with me and Runner’s World editor Amby Burfoot.

Let me hear if you’d like more “Blasts from the Past”.



  1. Toni – the first time I ever met you was to do an interview for the radio show. Would love to see more posted.

  2. Kids,

    I am enthused by your responses. I have been culling the Runner’s Digest library this afternoon, and have found one nugget after another. Walt, pics from Jeff J. would be invaluable. I’ll let you know what I’m working on, and see what you might have in a supporting role. Thanks for all the comments.

  3. Toni,

    Excellent! I have thousands of Jeff’s pictures digitized if they might help add to a program.


  4. You chose the perfect photo to accompany this audio memory. This NCAA race contained a breathtaking number of surges between Nick and Craig. I think if forced to pick the most amazing running battle I’ve ever witnessed live I would choose this NCAA XC race. Unforgettable.

  5. Ah, I used to love the Runner’s Digest and was a loyal listener. I used to listen to it either before or after going to race at Fresh Pond. Never missed those shows with Patti and Bill 😉
    I certainly would love to hear more of these, Tony!

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