On the fifth year anniversary of the Newtown tragedy, a repost to remind us of the challenges that still remain.Connecticut Community Copes With Aftermath Of Elementary School Mass Shooting

Toni Reavis


E Pluribus Unum


Fear and folly in tandem come,

And in their sway we have often run,

From what’s true today to yesterday’s vision,

Though that which was is no more the mission.


So how long do we stand,


As the evidence mounts?

How long do we sit,


Before the body counts?


Sowing and reaping the violence prone,

X-box, vampires, a society grown,

Increasingly assorted, beyond scope of a center,

No common cause, each citizen dissenter.


Yet innocence once ours,

at least so we believed,

E pluribus unum,

at birth thus conceived.


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