As we find ourselves homebound rather than Boston bound for the 124th Boston Marathon, I thought we would dig back into the Runner’s Digest radio show archives where I uncovered this montage piece exploring the Boston Marathon course in the words of some of the best runners and luminaries of the era. Included in this compilation in order are:

* 1976 Olympian Don Kardong
* Four-time Boston champion Bill Rodgers
* 1979 10th place finisher Dick Mahoney of the Greater Boston Track Club
* 1968 Boston champion Amby Burfoot
* Founder & CEO of Marathon Tours, Thom Gilligan
* Three-time runner-up at Boston (1979-`81), Patti Dillon
* 1977 fifth-place finisher, Vin Fleming
* 1979 third-placer finisher, Bob Hodge, author of Tale of the Times: A Runner’s Story
* 1935 & `45 Boston champion John J. Kelly, who ran a total of 62 Bostons
* GBTC runner, Dr. Kent Smith, and
* Former head of the North Medford Track Club, Fred Brown.

This was in the era before John Hancock Financial Services became the race sponsor and the race ended on Ring Road in front of the Prudential Tower.

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