With a blanket of snow covering the old racecourse, reminding us that the 124th Boston Marathon is currently in a deep freeze till September 14th – God and coronavirus testing willing – we venture once again into the Runners Digest radio show archives for this short aural montage talking about the particularly tricky conditions Mother Nature presents runners with every Patriot’s Day in Boston.


Among today’s speakers are:

1) Old friend and neighbor Paul “Zoomo” Marshall
2) Bill Rodgers, 4-time Boston Marathon champion
3) Don Kardong, 1976 Marathon Olympian
4) John J. Kelley (The Elder), 1935 & `45 Boston champion
5) Randy Thomas, GBTC star, the fifth-place finisher in 1978 (2:11:25)
6) Coach Bob Sevene
7) Kevin Ryan, New Zealand, sixth-place in `78 (2:11:43)
8) Joan Benoit Samuelson, 1979 & 1983 Boston women’s champion
9) Kevin Ryan
10) Randy Thomas




  1. I know Chicago has had some mercurial weather, but of all the Marathon Majors, Boston has to take the cake where weather has played a pivotal role over the years. From teeth chattering cold to one of the worst sunburns Ive ever gotten!

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